NOVObead | Eagle

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Noble and fiercely independent, the eagle in Native American folklore carries messages to heaven and teaches the earthbound to fly. The symbol of the United States of America.

Sterling silver


To determine the proper fit, measure your wrist and add approximately 1" (2cm). The additional inch will allow the bracelet to fit comfortably once beads are added. A 7" bracelet chain will typically hold 15-20 NOVO beads comfortably, while the 7" bangle will hold 10-15 beads. This will vary, depending on the size of the beads you chose.

Care Instructions

To clean silver and gold beads, simply use a dry, soft silver polishing cloth. Do NOT use silver polish or any harsh chemicals. Chemicals found in pools, hot tubs, polishes, or salt water will adversely affect the oxidation in the silver. To clean your cubic zirconia (CZ) or semi-precious stone beads, we suggest using a small amount of liquid dish washing detergent and water.