Christopher Marley | Sea Needles

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Sea Needles, or Tibia Fisus, are members of the family of true conchs, Strombidae. They prefer soft bottom areas in the deep Pacific to facilitate their slow feeding and minimize detection by predators. They are uniquely equipped with a columella, or spire, that can be as long or longer than the rest of the shell. 

A soft, yet strong piece to add to your home. High-end, designer friendly artwork incorporating real natural artifacts of all kinds from all over the world. Exquisitely architectural and sleek in presentation and museum quality in execution. This stylized seashell artwork works well in beach and ocean themed homes, as well as in sleek modern homes seeking a touch of sea.

20"H x 16"W x 5"D

White acid-free mat with silvered frame

Made to Order

Made to Order Items are not stocked and are made especially for you. Items will ship approximately two to three weeks from order date. Due to this being a product from nature, there may be variations in colors and shapes. And really, that's what makes this item unique and custom to you.


In my mind, there is little separating art and life sciences. It is like trying to extricate dance from music.  Art’s purpose is to heighten our aesthetic sensibilities, to sharpen our ability to experience beauty, to empathize with those life systems we come into contact with, to derive pleasure or stimulation from our interaction with arranged elements, in whole or in part. How does nature differ? We dance with it and within it. The aesthetics (or art) of nature is the rhythm we move to.  Christopher Marley